A week ago, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg gave the Newark, N.J., school system $100 million on the same day the movie The Social Network opened at the New York Film Festival. The speculation was that he was trying to burnish his reputation before the movie tarnished it. The film
opens across the country today, so … let the tarnishing begin.

The story of how Facebook was invented, almost accidentally, in a Harvard dorm room should have been near-impossible to film — computer geeks,
code-writing, legal depositions. But boy does it click along, from the
moment Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg as a cold-eyed, awkward boy genius)
decides to get back at a girlfriend who dumps him during the opening
credits. Zuckerberg’s revenge? He hacks some school photo archives and
enlists his best buddy in a dumb, sexist online stunt: They start using complicated mathematics to rank the girls at school.


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