500 Days of Summer, directed by Marc Webb, is an offbeat romantic comedy about a young man’s search for true love. Our main character, Tom (played by Joseph Gorden-Levitt) believes in such a thing as true love and when he meets Summer (Zooey Deschanel), he believes he has found the perfect girl. Summer on the other hand has a very different take on love. This film shows Tom’s storey as he spends his 500 days with Summer, and the ups and downs that comes when two people have two very different views when it comes to love.

Joseph Gorden-Levitt (3rd Rock From The Sun, Inception) plays our main character Tom. Joseph is a young but excellent actor. He plays Tom, a slightly nervous yet charming person who believes in such a thing as true love. I like Joseph and in my opinion he was perfect for this role. What this film needed for this character to work was a good looking, young, funny and generally likable actor, which Joseph delivered perfectly. Joseph is able to play a whole host of roles and this film demanded he do that, from deliriously happy to depressingly sad to intensely frustrated and everything in-between. I could not think of another young actor who could have pulled off such a heart warming performance as Joseph did.

Now, is it any wonder Tom falls in love with Summer, I mean who wouldn’t fall for Zooey Deschanel (The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, The Happening)? Zooey plays the part of Summer, a alternative, qwerky, free spirit who has a very different view of love. I think Zooey is absolutely brilliant. She plays these kinds of roles, the innocent free spirit, in a few films and it just fits so wonderfully. She and Joseph make a very convincing young couple and really get you believing in the love that is so obviously shared between them. I think Zooey is an excellent actress and particularly good at playing this type of role.

Now, I’m not usually one for romantic comedies but I have to say this one stuck with me. The film is so wonderfully put together. It’s so alternative from any other in its genre and the soundtrack is exactly what you need to listen to on a sunny summer’s day. For any readers thinking they don’t like rom-coms I have to agree with you, but this film is no typical rom-com. I found it to be a brilliant watch and have since seen it three or four times and still love it. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes a laugh and an oddly alternative feel good film. The important thing to remember is this is not a love story; it’s a story about love.

Oliver Willis is from the UK and is currently studying Film Studies & Journalism at university. He hopes to become a film journalist that writes about both independent and mainstream films. Oliver writes for a few websites and he also has his own blog where he writes about/review/promote various independent films.

Written by Oliver Willis (Robbent.com Film Journalist)

Edited by Romane Orlando Robb (Executive Editor)

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