Michael Swiskay is a writer, producer, host, and actor for two programs on ROBB TV ( robbtv.com ): The Whatever Show with Michael Swiskay and Misphits.

Q). Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from? What were you like as a child? And what was the most interesting moment of your childhood?

Born in Queens, grew up in Roslyn, Long Island. I recall an uneventful childhood. Successful in school and sports. When I was younger I was a sport fanatic, mostly baseball and football; to play and watch pro sports. My interest in sports has greatly waned. Youngest of three children, with an older/married sister and older brother who is now deceased.

Q). What’s your favorite genre of music and why?

I am fond of many different genres of music; classical/orchestral, classic rock, jazz, but my favorite of all musical artists is a Belgian singer/songwriter/poet Jacques Brel. Perhaps this results form my love for Belgium, Holland and things Flemish and Dutch. Despite the fact that I don’t understand French, the language in which Brel sings, it doesn’t matter as his music is so good it transcends language.

Q). In what do you find inspiration?

The creative arts give me inspiration.

Q). Who’s your favorite filmmaker and why?

Stanley Kubrick, because he was the first ‘hit’ in the search results when I did one in my cranial hard-drive. The next hit was David Lean.

Q). Last but not least; what are you currently working on?

Currently working on two screenplays, ‘Bujama Dreams’-a collaboration with my nephew and ‘Orbiting Ezmerelda’-an adaption of a play I wrote for the stage.

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