Interviewed by: Jason Franklin Smith
Editor-in-chief: Romane Orlando Robb 

1). REM: Tell us a little bit about where you’re from.

KRISTEN: I grew up in a big town in Connecticut. Typical suburb, lots of trees. It’s a quiet place- the kind of area where you go to raise kids. I liked it well enough, and I do miss it sometimes, but you get bored after a while. I have WAY too much energy- I need action!

2). REM: What would be your ideal role as an actress?

KRISTEN: In terms of actual parts – I want Adriana in Comedy of Errors. Yes, Shakespeare. It’s incredibly relevant and I love how human she is. I’d also love to play someone a few shades shy of crazy. People who go outside the box and then tear it to shreds, who stampede beyond boundaries and just go to the edge. Sometimes it’s just nice to let go and feel, without dealing with all those niceties.

3). REM: Off topic: What is your favorite sports team, and why?

KRISTEN: Oooh, now THERE’s a tough one. A lot of my favorite sports are either A) Not well known or B) Not your typical team sports. Pro team? NY Giants, although with the season they’re having I might just pretend they don’t exist. Other team? Cheer Athletics Panthers. Youtube them. Olympics? Women’s gymnastics and Misty May-Treanor/Kerri Walsh Jennings for Beach Volleyball. I watched their last Olympic meet and CRIED.

4). REM: Do you gravitate towards certain genres as an actress?

KRSITEN: I tend to be cast more in drama, which I think is due in part to the fact that I have very strong features. I don’t mind it- there’s nothing like a good meaty drama that stretches your skills. But I love comedy. I’m a pretty funny person (or so I’ve been told), and there are SO many styles. I think it’s also the fact that I don’t often get cast in comedies that fuels my want to do it. I’d love a rom com though- just once. To be the unexpected dream girl who turns around slowly to have the movie dream guy smother her with undying declarations of love. Silly, but fun. 5). REM: Do you have other aspirations in the film industry (producing, directing, etc)?

KRISTEN: I’m actually writing several pieces right now. I’ve got a web series I’ve just started writing, and a short film that’s been buzzing in my brain for the past few months. I love writing, so I think if I stray anywhere, that’s where I’ll go.

6). REM: What role did your parents play in you becoming an actress?

KRISTEN: My parents are absolutely wonderful. I’m incredibly blessed to have VERY supportive parents who not only allowed me to pursue my dream – they encouraged me! They got me started in small-community theater, acting classes, high school drama. I think once I started pulling bigger roles in the straight plays, they actually considered this a potential career! My mom is artsy, so she understands what I need on that front. My dad’s a business guy, so he follows the business side of things.

7). REM: How would you describe the current state of the film industry?

KRISTEN: We’re in a wonderful time right now. It is SO easy to get a script, get a group of people together, and to go out and create something fun. Part of what inspired me to write my webseries was that I was unhappy with the types of roles available to me, particularly on the non-union end. I wanted more than ‘Half-Naked Bikini Girl #2.’ And I could change that! I could create my own opportunities, and there are tons of avenues to try. As a woman, the opportunities are growing as well, which is REALLY exciting. Now is the best time to find your voice and make your career happen!

8). REM: Off topic: What kind of music are you currently listening to?

KRISTEN: Right now? Mumford and Sons. I studied abroad in Ireland a few years back, and they define my experience. Good, soulful music.

9). REM: What are you currently working on?

KRISTEN: I actually just booked a new webseries, which is in pre-production right now. I’ve been hosting an online talk show called ‘On the Couch with Kristen,’ where I chat with various industry guests about their projects. You can find ‘On the Couch’ on YouTube. I also hosted the Northeast Film Festival, so some footage from that will be online soon as well. I’ve got a few other projects simmering in my back pocket, but I don’t want to spill the beans before things are set!

10). REM: How can our readers get in touch with you?

KRISTEN: The easiest way is email: You can also find my Facebook fan page by searching Kristen Mae Carbone. Both my fan page and my website ( are routinely updated with info about the various projects and things I’m doing.

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