Cezar Marcilio is a comic book writer and also a screenwriter.

Cezar Marcilio is a Brazilian citizen currently residing in Los Angeles, CA, where he works as a freelance illustrator and writer. He’s a graduate of history and has taken quite a few professional art courses. Also, he is always creating new projects and seeking ways to show his ideas to the world. His major influences are the books of Will Eisner and Alan Moore, and because of this, his stories explore the conscience of people in their quest for their goals and passions. “Haven’t We Met Before?” is his debut book (graphic novel) where he takes the role as both the artist and the writer. The book shows us a story about hope and it is also a reflection of the first steps of its artist.

“Cezar is currently working on five different projects simultaneously. I’m very impressed with his work ethic and the quality of his work is simply amazing. We’re super excited to have him as a client and look forward to a very long term business relationship with such a talented individual.” – Romane Orlando Robb (Chairman/CEO)

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