Mitchell Todorov is a writer/executive producer on Sinister Stories.  He graduated from SUNY Oneonta in 2014 and has been working in T.V. and film since, doing just about anything he can get his hands on.  He uses a blend of surreal horror and classic suspense to create stories that are just as entertaining as they are peculiar and strange.  His goal as a story teller is to create an original and weird tone that many different kinds of audiences can enjoy. 


James Henry Scott finds a book with a very interesting title on his doorstep. As soon as he starts reading the book he’s suddenly transformed, psychologically, into a world of the unknown and unexplained. A world in which the creepy and the norm go hand in hand. A world in which gore and ominous silence are relished. James is now captivated by these sinister stories.

SINISTER STORIES is being developed and produced by Robb Entertainment Television (RETV) with Romane Orlando Robb and Michael Andrews as Executive Producers.

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