Robb Entertainment Merchandising (REM) is the primary consumer products division of Robb Entertainment Corporation (REC). We produce, in association with our various partners, products in the following primary categories; toys (vinyl, plush, action figure, etc), apparel and footwear, home décor, posters, accessories and food and beverage. We operate under three primary business models: 1). Licensor – This is where we license our characters and properties to a third party (the licensee) and collect a fixed licensed fee per item sold. 2). Retailer – This is where we produce and sell our products directly to the consumer through our online store (httpa// 3). Wholesaler – This is where we sell directly to prominent top tier retailers to expand our brand awareness and also to provide the consumer with a more “local” access to our products. Branding is a major component of our business in terms of separating us from our competitors (our competitive moat) and also in giving the consumer a quality product that will encourage him/her to continue buying our products. With an ever growing list of incredible characters and properties we can say with the utmost confidence that we have something for all age groups and demographics. Check out our online store and drop us an email if you have any questions – httpa//

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