John Joseph Hamilton has always had a talent and passion for screenwriting. Before his acceptance into an MFA-Creative Writing program, he rigorously engulfed himself in self-study thorough online research to hone his screenwriting talent. Referencing professional and expert information, he began screenwriting as a new career utilizing knowledge he has attained to create his own scripts. That blossomed into John writing over twenty (20) screenplays in multiple genres for many platforms (film, TV, etc.) His ultimate goal, apart from being an accomplished screenwriter, is to pay it forward by getting involved with groups and websites that give opportunities to aspiring screenwriters and also allow opportunities for him to write articles from his unique perspective detailing his journey of being a screenwriter. John is also a songwriter and performing musician with many years of experience.

“John is a multi-talented individual with great potential. We’re extremely happy to be working with him.” – Romane Orlando Robb (Chairman and CEO)

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