Robb Entertainment Investments (REI) is an investment fund (REI I LP) between Robb Entertainment Corporation (REC) and Robb and Company Corporation (RCC). The primary goal of the fund is to invest in media and entertainment assets.

Q). What kind of assets do you guys invest in?

A). Our investment fund targets assets in the media and entertainment space.


Q). Which investment rounds do you guys typically participate in?

A). As of right now; we’re focused on at the pre-seed rounds.


Q). Do founders have to be working on their start-ups full time to be selected?

A). No. But we would love to see serious dedicated from ALL founders involved.


Q). What percentage do you usually take for your investment?

A). That completely depends on the particular company. But the range is usually between 5-30%.


Q). I have more questions; how do I get in touch with you guys?

A). You can drop us an email with your pitch deck.

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