Robb Entertainment Licensing (REL) is the licensing section of Robb Entertainment Corporation. We partner with great brands by licensing our intellectual properties (over fifteen hundred (1,500) for multiple business ventures; clothing, home decor, theme parks, music, etc.

Q). How do I license a piece of your IP?

A). You can email us information about what you would you like to use our IP for while telling us about you and your company if you have one.


Q). Can I use a piece of your IP in a non-commercial manner?

A). Please contact us before using our IP. We’re open to working with a variety of partners; contact us before using our IP.


Q). I’ve seen counterfeit products with your IP; how do I report this?

A). Thank you for looking out. You can contact your local authorities and also email us with more information. Thank you so much.


Q). Do you guys manage IP outside of Robb Entertainment Corporation?

A). We currently do not offer that service.


Q). I have more information; how can I get in touch with you?

A). You can email us at:



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