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Music in Film with Luana is a podcast where our host, actress and musician, Luana Sandoval, discusses the film industry from a musician’s perspective.

 R.E.C Radio is a variety show audio podcast hosted by Romane Orlando Robb. The show is composed of guest interviews, music, news, comedy, and much more. The show airs bi-monthly on Mondays.

 Romane Orlando Robb is a serial entrepreneur. He’s the founder/co-founder of over eight (8) companies including his investment holding company, Robb Corporation. Companies that range from; media and entertainment; apparel and retail; logistics; and more. Mr. Robb started this podcast to discuss his many passions while educating his audience. You can follow Mr. Robb on Twitter and his personal website is

Hollybuzz is a premium source for the ins and outs of Hollywood. Tune in for exclusive interviews and discussions with actors, actresses, writers, directors, director of photographers, producers, studio executives, managers, agents, etc in regards to the media and entertainment industry.

The Creative Zone is a podcast where our hosts (Logan Dobbs and Romane Orlando Robb) primarily discusses the film industry. Our hosts will occasionally bring on special guests such as actors, directors, writers, producers and more to engage in in-depth conversations. Tune in every Friday.

Animation Nation – Coming Soon

CandyTech Podcast – Coming Soon

Indiana Jess – Coming Soon

Political Theatre – Coming Soon

RIDS – Coming Soon

SportsClub – Coming Soon

The Adventures of Pin J-Walker – Coming Soon

The BoardRoom – Coming Soon

The Music Factory – Coming Soon

The Robb Show – Coming Soon

The Spark – Coming Soon

The Wall Street Times – Coming Soon

The Law Society of America – Coming Soon

The Urban Blvd Magazine – Coming Soon



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