Robb Music Group

Robb Music Group (RMG) is a New York-based record company, music publisher and management group (talent are managed by Robb Talent Group – RTG) that produces, markets, and distributes music from various genres and also manages the careers of musicians. RMG is owned by Robb Entertainment Corporation (REC).

Jeebe (Singer/Songwriter/Rapper/Producer)

Romane Orlando Robb (Producer/DJ/Songwriter)

KofiRich (Rapper/Songwriter)

Rep2Ks (Music Group)

PopeBeats (Producer)

AliAlt (Producer/Songwriter)


– DollaKing Records

– HustleEarners Empire

– Rosedale High

– UnCoolZ

– Young Legends

– Rep2ks Corporation

– Jeebe Corporation



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