Established on March 17, 2015, Robb Entertainment Theatre Group (RETG) was founded on the basis of providing engaging, entertaining, and enticing live events to a global audience. We strongly believe that live theater is a truly rich and immensely cultured art form and we intend to preserve that by producing great stories with incredibly talented people.



Euthyphro: A Story of Ignorance Origin: Icarus
Origin: Oedipus

Q). How do I audition for one of these plays?

A). You can email us your resume and reel and we’ll get back to you with details.

Q). How do I advertise in one of your play sheets?

A). Robb Creative Group handles ALL advertising for Robb Entertainment Corporation so contact them for details. Their email address is Thank you!

Q). Can I record one of your plays?

A). We got that part covered. Thank you!

Q). Where and when can I catch one of your plays?

A). Stay up to date with our website for details about a Robb Entertainment Event. Also, get our mobile app for instant notifications.

Q). I have more questions; how do I contact this division?

A). Complete the form below.


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