“The Greatest Deception In History Is About To Be Revealed”

“Leap: Rise of the Beast” is my third feature. When we decided to do a sequel to “Leap”, we knew it had to be bigger and better. “Leap” is very much a youth group oriented film. It almost feels like a Sunday night movie. With “Leap: Rise of the Beast:, we decided that we wanted to do a $30 million action flick for $500,000. Our funding source fell through so we are self financing again. This isn’t your typical Christian film. It’s a Bourne-esque Christian film. I mean, let’s face it-Most Christian flicks are dramas or B-movie apocalyptic pieces. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, (I like those), but we wanted to try for a real action film. Something that even a mainstream audience can enjoy (and maybe get a bit of a message too). Also notable is that this film is one of the first to be shot entirely on the Canon Rebel T2i.

Create a killer action movie that introduces people to a different view regarding the end times then they’re used to.
Have a similar feel and tone to the Bourne series
Shoot on HD
Have a 5.1 Surround mix
Continue to act as writer, director, editor, cameraman and be responsible for the visual effects and some music(ie: Do everything myself-Because I enjoy doing it and want to get better)
Continue to push the limits of my software (Sony Vegas Pro 9, Adobe After Effects CS4, Photoshop CS4, Blender 2.49, Mixcraft 4.5)
Push the Canon T2i to it’s limits and beyond
Show to people that I have grown as a filmmaker since Leap and can handle a film with an intricate story, amazing stunts, and seamless effects when needed, AND show people that I do know what I’m doing.
Get people to see the film: Self Distribute, multiple theater screenings, and maybe even just pass out free copies at Sundance

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