NEW YORK, July 3, 2017 /Robb Creative/ — Robb Entertainment Corporation and Red King Press Publishing hereby announce a joint venture titled, New Media Publishing (NMP) to publish novels, comic books, and other literary and non-literary work. The joint venture aims to publish at least twelve (12) books per year and to expand those properties to other avenues such as film, TV, etc.
Donald Thomas shall be the President of the joint venture overseeing editorial and publishing duties.
“It is a rare gift to have the opportunity to work with others to create something truly exceptional; to build a team of like-minded dedicated professionals. This is the essence of how great dreams become realized.” – Donald Thomas (Founder, Red King Press Publishing)
“We have a superb business relationship with Donald Thomas and Red King Press. Our management division represents Mr. Thomas. Our publishing division has published quite a few of his company’s comics and graphic novels. And Robb Entertainment and Red King Press formed a joint venture for an upcoming franchise, Tales of Mythus, among other collaborations. We believe that Mr. Thomas is very talented and great to work with. I have nothing but high optimism for this joint venture.” – Romane Orlando Robb (Chairman and CEO, Robb Entertainment Corporation)

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