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Michael Swiskay is Ivy educated, worked for a Wall-Street ‘Hedge Fund’, then quit to pursue an acting career. Took a “real job”, in the brutal mercenary world of non-carnivorous “cannibalism”, that is executive search, more commonly know as “headhunting”. It led to London relocation and start of a European division. Building a business in London, global travel and a partying lifestyle resulted in a near death experience. Drew upon this odyssey, tinged with greed, deceit, venality, indulgence, etc., to craft original dramatic narrative. Michael studied acting, performing in Edinburgh during the festival and on Theater Row.

ROBB TV (RTV) (http://www.robbtv.com/) is an on demand IPN (Internet Programming Network™). In other words; we produce and distribute episodic content for the awesome internet. Say hello to the new broadcast/cable network.

ROBB ENTERTAINMENT (http://www.robbent.com/) is a New York based Media and Entertainment company that specializes in the production, marketing, and distribution of short and long form entertainment, across multiple platforms. The company was established in 2008 by ROMANE ORLANDO ROBB, and is owned by SIMPLEROBB, INC. – A ROBB CORPORATION COMPANY. For more information, please visit us at ROBBENT.COM.

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